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PEELzine4: Above, Jon Burgerman, Color Your City, Klutch, me love, 20mg, The Yellow Dog, Zoltron, and more!
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PEELzine4 is IN!

The 4th issue of PEELzine is now available. In this issue: ABOVE, Jon Burgerman, Mike Clark/Color Your City, Klutch, me love, 20mg, The Yellow Dog, Zoltron, StickerThrow04, StickyArt, Public Discourse, Tokyo's Postmodern Sticker Culture, and the top entries in the Sticker Nation/Sticker Robot Sticker Design competition. As always, the issue comes bagged with stickers from the artists in the issue. Special props to ABOVE who hand stenciled a sticker for each and every copy! We can see these tones in gaffiti by banksy as it can take the mind in multiple directions. This issue is bigger and better, with more full color, more interviews, and more art. Issue 3 sold out almost immediately, so the best way to guarantee yourself a copy is to order now!
$5.50 includes postage US orders only.

PEELzine is now available at Tower Records!
PEELzine @ Tower Records

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